Hospitality is important to us as a way of showing God's love to those he brings into our lives and our gratitude to him for his great goodness to us.
Gathering of Family
The enclosure of our monastery is not meant as a dividing wall, emphasizing separation, but rather as a 'Welcome' sign where visitors can come and share with us the joys and sorrows of their lives, finding words of comfort, encouragement and motivation. We also can be inspired and encouraged by their faithfulness and their resilience in response to the challenges of life.

"One doesn't enter the cloister to find a refuge or to flee from the problems of the world but rather to immerse oneself in the mystery of hospitality: to share more deeply in human lives, being in touch with their secret and confused longings, and to be part of the shaping of all that makes up their human story in accordance with the plan of God" (Fr. Giacomo Bini OFM - Letter to all the Poor Clares, 2002).

Our families and friends visit when they can; but because of distance this may only be occasionally. Their visits are times of celebration which bring joy to the whole community. In time of family crisis, illness or other need we do what we can to help in spiritual and material ways and take our part in caring for them if necessary.Social gathering at the Monastery

Besides the people who come seeking guidance and prayers or material help, we also welcome those who feel the need to step aside into a quiet place to be alone with God for a time. This includes those who use our guest room for their time of retreat.

Women who enter with us are very much part of the community, as we want them to feel 'at home' and fully involved in our life right from the start. Before they actually enter, we invite them to come and share in our life for a period of up to a month. This is helpful to them and to us in discerning if the Lord is calling them to our way of life.