Our life is one of prayer and adoration, of listening to the Word of God and pondering it in our hearts.  We work to support ourselves, mainly through making altar breads, and also share the daily tasks of life in the monastery which is our home.
Working in garden
Our work generally commences after breakfast, with a primary focus on the making of altar breads. Other work throughout the day includes cooking, general housekeeping and maintenance, gardening and sewing, as well as writing and correspondence.

With her other work, each sister organises her day so as to allow time for prayer, for scripture and other spiritual reading and study, and for necessary leisure.

The timetable for a typical day is outlined below:

Elements of our daily life
5:15 am Rise
5:45 am Morning Prayer
This is the first hour of the Divine Office. We come together in the chapel several times each day to praise God in the official prayer of the Church.
6:05 am Personal Prayer
6:45 am Celebration of the Eucharist
7:30 am Breakfast 
8:40 am Office of Readings
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament begins: each sister spends half an hour, in the morning and afternoon in adoration.
10:30 am Terce (Mid-Morning Prayer) 
12:50 pm Sext (Midday Prayer) 
1:00 pm Dinner 
3:15 pm None (Afternoon Prayer) 
5:30 pm Evening Prayer 
6:30 pm Tea
Followed by community recreation, where we relax and enjoy one another's company in the evening of each day.
7:45 pm Night Prayer
This is the final prayer of the Divine Office for the day. We are then free, to wind up the day's activities, to read or pray and relax before retiring.